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rubbertig -

on this site you have to make the content you want for things and i thinks thats kinda neat. like you can be sole fan-artist on here for something and thats so powerful. you can legit be the number #1 fan on waterfull for your specfic interest... like dang... i feel the strength in my bones...

gloatbee -

Being in this site is exactly the same experience as shipping a rare pair


  • You have the absolute power
  • Everything is exactly what you were searching for
  • Cuz you made it exactly that way
  • Talking about it like cray-cray might attract more people


  • You need to create to keep this boat afloat
  • What if I don't know how to do things???
  • Guess you have to start learning
  • You might be the only one on the boat for a while

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when you had enough of ppl on twitter & tumblr

rubbertig -

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witchesflower asked:

⭐-If you like space, what do you like about it? and 🎈-How do you usually celebrate birthdays? Do you go out, or stay home and treat yourself? :)

⭐ - I like space a lot! I really like that there's a lot more left to explore, because that means there are so many possibilities to what can be out there. Also all the physics about astronomy are really cool i think.

🎈- I prefer staying in on my birthday and eat a little cake and watch a movie or something like that. I don't even always invite anyone. (but if i do, it's only a few people) But I really like that. 

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Random Little Ask Game!

queencelina33 -

I wanted to make my own little ask game with emojis! Feel free to reblog!

🐶-Favorite animal or animals?

💐-Favorite flowers or plants?

🌳-Favorite outdoor activity?

🌎-If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Or, what's your favorite place you have visited?

🌧️-Favorite weather?

🌈-Gender and/or orientation?

⭐-If you like space, what do you like about it?

🎄-Favorite holiday?

🍉-Favorite fruit?

🥞-What do you usually have for breakfast?

🥪-Favorite snacks or lunch stuff?

🧁-Favorite dessert?

⛰️-What's your favorite kind of natural structure? (i.e. mountains, forests, rivers, etc.)

🏖️-Have you ever been to the beach?

🏕️-Have you ever been camping?

🏰-If you could live in any kind of building (castle, skyscraper, etc.), what kind would you live in?

🎡-Have you been to an amusement park or fair? What was your favorite thing there if you have?

🛌-Are you an early bird or night owl? What's your favorite time of day or night?

🎈-How do you usually celebrate birthdays? Do you go out, or stay home and treat yourself?

🎀-What kind of clothes do you usually like to dress in? Any accessories to go with them that you always wear?

🧸-Do you still have stuffed animals/plushies? If so, which one is your favorite?

🎥-Any favorite movies?

💻-Any favorite video games or web series?

📖-Any favorite books?

✏️-Do you like to make art? What kind do you make? Digital? Traditional? Music? Any kind of art counts!

💕-Have you ever had a crush or has someone crush on you?

💖-Are you single or taken? If taken, how long have you been with your partner?

♋-Zodiac? Do you have any traits matching your zodiac?

Feel free to reblog so your followers can ask you stuff? And remember, if you don't want to answer a certain question, that's perfectly fine!

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kidd -

she's tall and i'm not straight

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abode-glued -

Responses for when you're asked to give your soul:

"I have no soul"

  • overused
  • boring
  • usually won't get good reaction

"Which one?"

  • new
  • exciting
  • creates excellent confusion

Bonus: say that none of them are yours

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babushka -



Absolutely no one:



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its dangerous to go alone! take this!


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the ONLY cool cowboy boot

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tiddywife -

girls girls girls girlsjdj girlshfkjdf girlshfkdjbvkfd girlsdhfkjdsbvkjf gtijrvsdlkvbsjvbfdjbjdbvkjbfkvbdfkb

like 9 year old girl in my neighbourhood: *starts taking my bus every morning and walks to the bus stop at the same time as me*

me: i have no responsibility over this kid. the only thing we have in common is this street.

also me:

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greatkingrat -

Your mouth and your butthole make you one big straw. So, if you go in the ocean, you're littering.

king-mars -

im so sorry but (slightly nsfw but it's a terribly mspaint drawing and it's nothing to graphic)

greatkingrat -

You are doing the Lord's work

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Caption contest, go.

huh -

When you're really angry at a person in your class and you're going OFF, and I mean OFF, and your silent best friend is sitting next to you contemplating if they should tell me that I understood the sentence wrong

gloatbee -

10-year-old-me pretending to know how to rap while present-me has to remember how I didn't nail a single word

80roxy08 -

That one person that always say "Oh shit this is so hard I don't understand anything I failed the test" and get a B while you, keeping quiet because you worked hours for it, end up with a E

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babushka -

everyone: pokemon sword and shield

me looking at the tags: swish swish bish

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so far the only bad thing about short hair is how quickly it becomes not so short hair

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It's Trans Awareness Week!

heros-shade -

Be aware...

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cosmicaces -

imagine finding a girl your age who has a crush on you and understands you and you can give them all the love you have

this post was made by the lonely lesbian gang

oh god i really need to finish my tags page

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persephone -


the years start coming and they dont stop coming

coffee -

and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop comin-

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archfey -

thank the gods technology has finally allowed us to know what it's like to be inside of a bag of corn flakes